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Attract More Attention & Build a Higher Quality List With a 'ComingSoon' Website Funnel!

Build your list of eager buyers & sellers when listing homes with our Killer Listing Script... wowing sellers by showing them how you could sell their home day it hits the MLS® for a higher price than selling the old fashioned way!

Coming Soon

Market Tomorrow's Homes Today with a "Coming Soon" Countdown Website. Profile the properties you are are going to sell in the coming days or weeks with a countdown strategy. When you market a home as a “Coming Soon” listing on a Countdown Website -  buyers emotions, boil over... When they see the home they want as their own, the home of their immediate dreams, and they are not able to buy it. This strategy drives them crazy... over the top! Letting you build a list of rabid eager buyers right on the verge of signing an offer - super fast!

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Countdown Timer

The Countdown Timer provides you with an unprecedented amount of emotional build up by showing remaining time the property has before it goes live on the MLS®. Every buyer that is looking at the same home knows others will be able to get the jump on them. Creating an auction effect getting you more loyal customers that will be more likely to pay top dollar. This strategy works best when you can get your new potential buyers into the home a day or two before it goes live on the MLS®. 

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Early Access Alert

The strategy works best when you can get your new potential buyers into the home a day or two before it goes live on the MLS®. So as a part of your overall marketing plan, you have to make it clear that you can get them early access before the home gets offered to all the other potential people that may be interested in the home. This strategy has the net effect of letting you build a list of customer names, phone numbers and email addresses of people that are eager to speak with you... buyers stop playing games and get very serious with this strategy. 

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The ComingSoon Website System Comes With Unlimed Websites & Hands-On Training 

With homes being listed every day, buyers and sellers have plenty of options.


The better you are marketing homes...

The more likely prospective Buyers are going to find "you". 

And... the more Sellers will be impressed by you!

Display your marketing SMARTS!

...with a ComingSoon LEAD CAPTURE Website...

Pre-market homes before they are available on the MLS®.


When Buyers see a home, they want and cannot yet have...

And They Watch Your Countdown Timer Wind Down.

This puts you firmly in the driver seat. 

And that TICKING CLOCK gets Buyers eagerly wanting to hand over their contact information.

Because they want to get into the home a day or two early, for an exclusive viewing.

Enabling you to build your list of Buyers and Sellers super fast.



Capture, Nurture and Convert More Leads

Turn more leads into clients when you use the built-in marketing and lead management tools of SellingToolz integrated CRM:

  • Email lead alerts
  • Custom web forms
  • Activity tracking
  • Open house notifications
  • Print and web brochures
  • Instant listing presentations
  • Predictive marketing
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Prospect groups
  • Reports and analytics
Coming Soon Campaign Funnel
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